Join Claire at the YWCA in Berkeley, CA for new Career Development Workshops.
Cost: $10 members; $15 non-members.
Location: All workshops held at the YWCA.
Questions? Call (510) 848-6370 or e-mail

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August 7 (Wed.)
10AM–11:30AM: Create a Personal Brand For Your Job Search
Noon–1:30PM: Explore Your Work Choices At Midlife
August 8 (Thu.)
10AM–11:30AM: Identify Your Career Strengths Using Personality Theory
Noon–1:30PM: Find Employers That Need You
August 14 (Wed.)
10AM–11:30AM: Make Your Next Career Move
Noon–1:30PM: Creating an Ageless Resume
August 15 (Thu.)
10AM–11:30AM: Profile Your Work Preferences
Noon–1:30PM: Find Work that Uses Your International Experience
August 28 (Wed.)
10AM–11:30AM: Where Can Your College Degree(s) Take You
Noon–1:30PM: Turn Your Career Dreams Into Reality
August 29 (Thu.)
10AM–11:30AM: Identify Your Transferable Skills
Noon–1:30PM: Why Should I Hire You? Practice Interviewing
September 4 (Wed.)
10AM–11:30AM: Is Your Resume Working for You?
Noon–1:30PM: Make Your Career Comeback
September 12 (Thu.)
10AM–11:30AM: 10 Steps to a Successful Career Transition
Noon–1:30PM: Creating Your Employment Proposal
September 18 (Wed.)
10AM–11:30AM: Job Search Marketing Strategies That Work
Noon–1:30PM: Finding Your Career Path At Midlife
September 19 (Thu.)
10AM–11:30AM: Find Your Career Niche In Today’s Workplace
Noon–1:30PM: Find Opportunities Working For Public Agencies
September 25 (Wed.)
10AM–11:30AM: Get the Job You Want
Noon–1:30PM: Earn What You’re Worth
September 26 (Thu.)
10AM–11:30AM: Use SkillScan to Develop Your Skill Profile
Noon–1:30PM: Find Opportunities Working For a Nonprofit

More workshops coming in October 2019!

Register Online or in Person For All Workshops

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